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Leading supplier of coatings for Floors, Walls, Roofs and Waterproofing

Unique Resins is a leading supplier of coatings for Floors, Walls, Roofs and Waterproofing. With one of the most extensive ranges of cost effective, quality coatings on the market, Unique Resins can help you address all of your coating needs.

Having been in the coatings manufacturing business for many years we know that our customers need robust coating solutions that help them to complete their projects quickly, effectively and at the right cost – and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Unique Resins Ltd have COSHH sheets available online so that you can access them whenever needed.

So if you’re looking for quality coatings solutions that outperform the competition at less cost then why not place an order now through our simple online system and start saving on every project you deliver.


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